Essential Items For A Wedding Day Survival Kit

It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine your perfect day down the aisle but the reality is nothing is perfect – nail polish gets chipped, loose hairs escape, someone gets a mark on their dress, but all of these things can be managed with a ‘Wedding Day Survival Kit.’

Stay ahead of any wedding day mishaps with these key items:

  • Timetable: have a timetable of the day written down. Make sure that it includes all of the vendors names and contact information should you need to make any last minute calls
  • Bobby pins: tame those fly away hairs with bobby pins; make sure you have them in back and brown to suit different hair colours
  • Clear nail polish: this one has multiple uses! Handy for stopping runs in stockings and split or chipped nails
  • Wet wipes: make up smudges can easily occur, use these to neaten your eyeliner or lipstick quickly
  • Band-Aids: to prevent or treat blisters
  • Panadol: put a stop to any headaches that can sneak up on the day – make sure it’s fast acting!
  • Phone charger: we all know phone batteries don’t last an entire day with the amount they are used at a wedding!
  • Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins: For those “make it work” moments
  • Shirt/Apron: no doubt you will need to touch up your makeup at some point over the course of the day. You don’t want any make up marks on your white dress – so put on a shirt or apron over the dress when touching up your makeup
  • Make up: on that note – make up! There may be tears during the day and make up can wear off. Have the essentials on standby for touch ups. Lipstick and mascara as well as cotton buds for those fiddly spots especially around the eyes. Lastly a can of hairspray just to tame those flyaway locks
  • Tissues: a few tears are bound to escape on the day; be prepared with a pocket full of tissues
  • Mints/toothpaste and a toothbrush: freshen up if you eat throughout the day.
  • Straws: So the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick
  • Stain remover: have a stain remover pen or bleach pen on hand to fix any small marks that may arise
  • Ballet flats: at some point in the evening it may be nice to kick off your wedding shoes and slip into something more comfortable. There are plenty of cute ballet flats around that are still acceptable
  • Lastly, Umbrellas. Rain or shine they come in very handy, even as a prop for photos

What items will you include in your survival kit?