Don't Procrastinate

Don't procrastinate

I think we're all probably guilty of a bit of procrastination every now and then, we drop the ball as we over  analyse some of our decisions along the way, or get swayed by friends comments.

When you are planning your dream wedding you have lists upon lists, there are so many vendors that make your day a production. That means coordination to the enth degree.

Maybe you lull yourself into a false security mode…thinking that if you leave it for a bit, the list will get shorter or some angel will come along and take all the planning off your hands... after all  there is no harm in a little procrastination.

Wedding Planning

However there is a problem if you leave it so long that you miss out.

Booking wedding creators (of our dreams) like marriage celebrants, photographers, videographers, stylists and florists is something that you can't afford to put off.  Popular vendors & venues can book out their entire availability of Saturdays a year or even two in advance.

If you meet a wedding vendor that you've clicked with, then lock them in. 

If you've seen the “beautiful garden” or bay where you'd like to hold your ceremony, call the council immediately and see if you need to book the space and purchase a permit.  (But….. always have a Plan B for inclement weather)

If you've tasted some amazing food and then found out that café/restaurant does catering - pay the deposit then and there!

What might cause unnecessary disappointment is leaving things to the last minute and then missing out. 

That’s not to say that the next vendor isn’t just as great, and your day probably won’t be ruined and let’s faces it - you'll still be married at the end of it all..... but when you've got your heart set on something or someone... it's hard not to be disappointed when your long drawn out plan doesn't come to fruition, especially when you could have booked them if you'd not fallen foul of the procrastination bug!

Call them... book & pay a deposit… jobs done  ... tick off the list